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#1 2017-01-17 19:03:26

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Stop Wasting Time, RNYC!

I'm an administrative assistant at a small school. Because it is small, my job description is pretty broad. I tend to be interrupted throughout the day by the phone, medical needs, disciplinary issues, admitting people at the front door, technical problems, setting up rooms for classes, filling in for teachers called out of class, etc. So when the students and majority of the staff are finally gone, I'm ready for a change of pace. I favor news and analysis, so I would jump on the internet and see what had happened during the day. But I found that a news article pointed me to analysis, and analysis would point me to youtube, and the endless content on youtube for someone who was craving extended concentration and thought would make me end up just wasting time.

So I added Pluckeye commands that (1) increase my delay at the start of student dismissal, (2) block youtube, and (3) restore my delay at the end of the day. (I found that step 3 was necessary in spite of step 1 being a "sometimes" rule. So it may not be needed in current or future versions of Pluckeye.)

This works for me because I can allot myself X number of minutes to scan some written news articles to catch up on news without getting caught up in long-winded videos.

Here is what it looks like:

Sometimes MTWRF1500-1800 delay 15 minutes
Sometimes MTWRF1500-1800 Deny www.youtube.com
Sometimes MTWRF1500-1800 Deny youtube.com
Sometimes MTWRF1745-2400 delay 0 minutes

You can learn more about sometimes rules at http://www.pluckeye.net/eg.plu


#2 2017-02-17 16:50:19

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Re: Stop Wasting Time, RNYC!


Just to be clear, this is an imposition I put upon myself. That is part of the beauty of Pluckeye...I determine what is best for me and it helps me stay within those boundaries.

I am free to remove the restrictions I placed via
     pluck rm "Sometimes MTWRF1500-1800 delay 15 minutes"
     pluck rm "Sometimes MTWRF1500-1800 Deny www.youtube.com"

We'd love to hear back if you try using Pluckeye and develop a useful strategy!


#3 2017-05-18 21:58:24

Registered: 2017-02-06
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Re: Stop Wasting Time, RNYC!

Porn addiction drove me to start using Pluckeye, and I now use it to not only prevent porn use, but also to limit my time on the internet. A problematic website for me is youtube, as I use it often for educational content (how to videos, etc.) but I also find it easy to get sucked into binge watching pointless entertainment based videos. I have set up certain periods of time where youtube is allowed to prevent myself from binge-watching for an extended period of time.

I also place a huge importance on my sleep, and so I like to maintain a regular sleep schedule. Since screens are not conducive to sleeping, I set pluckeye to blackout at night so I don't get carried away surfing internet articles and end up staying up late or having trouble getting to sleep after staring at a screen right before bed. Once the blackout time hits, it also helps motivate me to get into my nighttime routine which includes reading, writing what I accomplished that day and what I hope to accomplish the next day, and meditating for a few minutes. My quality of sleep has drastically improved since implementing these strategies.

Lastly, my delay is currently at 2 hours. For me, this is long enough that I don't bother trying to access any bad sites but also not so long as to be a huge inconvenience. It teaches me that I don't have to have information right this very moment, instead I learn to be patient if I need to access something that is blocked.

This is currently how I use pluckeye. I am open to comments and constructive criticisms of my strategies and I hope others will share theirs.

If you are going to try, Go all the way -Charles Bukowski


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