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#1 2021-06-21 15:47:17

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Any advice for a Pluck user - smartphones

Hello all.

I have been a user and supporter of pluck for a while. I think it is a blessing and have found a happy equilibrium with it in the main.

For several years I have had a "non smart" phone, which I personally think is smart. Not just for P*** issues but just generally I think they can be hyper addictive and I think it helps socially not having one where possible. However, for the next 2 years in particular, it would be really useful to have one for a course I am completing.

Does anyone have experience making an android smartphone pluck worthy? Are there any good guides out there how to do that?

Baring in mind I have my PC on user status and use lockbox for admin passwords, same with my ISP being locked with a non accessible email/password that prevents turning off internet protection. So I am quite belt and braces, ideally.

Many thanks for any assistance.



#2 2021-06-21 22:18:45

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Re: Any advice for a Pluck user - smartphones

A loooong time ago, I experimented with locking down my tablet and wrote up my experiences. (Single Eye software is no longer located in Oregon, so that is your first clue that the content is a bit dated.) i don't know if the apps I mention are even available, but feel free to take a look. https://rnyc.github.io/

There is more current information in the Pluck(y) manual:  https://manual.pluckeye.net/android.


#3 2021-06-22 17:47:07

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Re: Any advice for a Pluck user - smartphones

I've been a Pluck user for a couple of months now. I integrated it pretty well with my "smart"phone right away, having had had zero relapses or similar issues since then that had anything to do with that device.

It's simple, really:

1. Find an App Lock that you can trust: if your phone has one built-in, nice*; else just get one that seems trustworthy from the app store.
2. Get Pluckeye for Android. Sign in and stuff. (Note that it is just a browser and there's no "system" feature for Android, thus making the other steps listed here necessary.)
3. Find a strong password generator online. Generate a complex one which you couldn't possibly memorise, write it down for the time being and use it for the App Lock to block uninstallable browsers, social media apps and the like.
4. Store the password in Lockbox. Hang on to the piece of paper with the password written on it for a day or so to ensure that everything works as expected and you're not forgetting anything, then discard it.

(Step 3.5 if you went for a third-party App Lock - block Package Uninstaller, the app store and Settings so that you can't uninstall the App Lock in a moment of weakness. First make sure though that you have all the settings like WiFi that you'll need frequently in the drop down menu or in widgets.)

*If you have a built-in App Lock, ensure that the same strong password is required to remove apps from the block list. Else, if you are made to set a password for the home screen first and then sort of used that as a master password to edit the block list, it would be best to go for a third party app lock instead for obvious reasons.

Pluck(eye) for Android can be slow at times, but the more inconvenient, the better, eh?

I've added some other minor inconveniences to the unlocking process like hiding the apps from the app drawer and disabling the apps in the device settings (after locking those apps and before locking the device settings) so as to make the whole process more complex, thus ensuring that I'll never be able to act on an ill impulse and end up doing something that I'll regret later. You're a veteran though, doubt you'll need these gimmicks. tongue

Feel free to seek clarification or help!

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#4 2021-06-23 06:48:38

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Re: Any advice for a Pluck user - smartphones

I know of

1. https://techless.com/ makes the wise phone (a smart phone without a browser or other apps)

2. Pluckeye + applocker , but I'm not sure how robust the applockers are; depends on several factors.

3. Some secret projects that might never be completed ...


#5 2021-06-25 08:52:49

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Re: Any advice for a Pluck user - smartphones

Thank you all sincerely for the responses.

Sonicsid particularly, I will use those points when the time comes, thanks.

Jon: I wonder if that is your own secret project that you feel won't ever be completed!! I will pray that you are given the energy and motivation to help you.


#6 2021-07-13 12:33:58

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Re: Any advice for a Pluck user - smartphones


I am using a Smartphone with "Kid's Place". A friend of mine has the password, so he helps me when I need to change something.

For me, Kid's Place is stable 90%. Sometimes, it crashes.

I found no obvious way to bypass Kid's Place.

You can pay it, but the version without payment is good enough.

It allows only Apps you allowed.

Unfortunatley, Kid's Place makes the Smartphone much slower when it starts.

But actually, I try to avoid my Smartphone now  because Google is spying on us. For more then a week I am using my old Nokia again. It has only telefon, SMS and MP3.

If you need the smartphone, the best you can do is block all Apps and only allow Apps you really need.

For me, Smartphone became addicting and it was comsuming my time. I wanted to stopp after I saw how much data Google and Bigtech is collecting trough Smartphone.

I think, App blockers are not only valuable to stop porn but also for blocking useless, time comsuming Apps.


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