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#1 2018-01-04 15:11:07

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Google Domains

List created in response to an inquiry here. This is based on Google's list of supported domains.

block google.com
block google.ad
block google.ae
block google.com.af
block google.com.ag
block google.com.ai
block google.al
block google.am
block google.co.ao
block google.com.ar
block google.as
block google.at
block google.com.au
block google.az
block google.ba
block google.com.bd
block google.be
block google.bf
block google.bg
block google.com.bh
block google.bi
block google.bj
block google.com.bn
block google.com.bo
block google.com.br
block google.bs
block google.bt
block google.co.bw
block google.by
block google.com.bz
block google.ca
block google.cd
block google.cf
block google.cg
block google.ch
block google.ci
block google.co.ck
block google.cl
block google.cm
block google.cn
block google.com.co
block google.co.cr
block google.com.cu
block google.cv
block google.com.cy
block google.cz
block google.de
block google.dj
block google.dk
block google.dm
block google.com.do
block google.dz
block google.com.ec
block google.ee
block google.com.eg
block google.es
block google.com.et
block google.fi
block google.com.fj
block google.fm
block google.fr
block google.ga
block google.ge
block google.gg
block google.com.gh
block google.com.gi
block google.gl
block google.gm
block google.gp
block google.gr
block google.com.gt
block google.gy
block google.com.hk
block google.hn
block google.hr
block google.ht
block google.hu
block google.co.id
block google.ie
block google.co.il
block google.im
block google.co.in
block google.iq
block google.is
block google.it
block google.je
block google.com.jm
block google.jo
block google.co.jp
block google.co.ke
block google.com.kh
block google.ki
block google.kg
block google.co.kr
block google.com.kw
block google.kz
block google.la
block google.com.lb
block google.li
block google.lk
block google.co.ls
block google.lt
block google.lu
block google.lv
block google.com.ly
block google.co.ma
block google.md
block google.me
block google.mg
block google.mk
block google.ml
block google.com.mm
block google.mn
block google.ms
block google.com.mt
block google.mu
block google.mv
block google.mw
block google.com.mx
block google.com.my
block google.co.mz
block google.com.na
block google.com.nf
block google.com.ng
block google.com.ni
block google.ne
block google.nl
block google.no
block google.com.np
block google.nr
block google.nu
block google.co.nz
block google.com.om
block google.com.pa
block google.com.pe
block google.com.pg
block google.com.ph
block google.com.pk
block google.pl
block google.pn
block google.com.pr
block google.ps
block google.pt
block google.com.py
block google.com.qa
block google.ro
block google.ru
block google.rw
block google.com.sa
block google.com.sb
block google.sc
block google.se
block google.com.sg
block google.sh
block google.si
block google.sk
block google.com.sl
block google.sn
block google.so
block google.sm
block google.sr
block google.st
block google.com.sv
block google.td
block google.tg
block google.co.th
block google.com.tj
block google.tk
block google.tl
block google.tm
block google.tn
block google.to
block google.com.tr
block google.tt
block google.com.tw
block google.co.tz
block google.com.ua
block google.co.ug
block google.co.uk
block google.com.uy
block google.co.uz
block google.com.vc
block google.co.ve
block google.vg
block google.co.vi
block google.com.vn
block google.vu
block google.ws
block google.rs
block google.co.za
block google.co.zm
block google.co.zw
block google.cat


#2 2018-09-15 18:21:38

Registered: 2018-07-16
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Re: Google Domains

RNYC, you didn't had to do that. I am already posting Jon a settings.txt file which already has not only google search engine & domains blocked but nearly all search engines blocked & safe search engines whitelisted.

I had created this over a span of 3 months. It's a mega blacklist. The only problem is if you want minor search engines you will have to filter them out. I suppose I didn't paid anything for pluckeye, so this might be something for Jon.

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