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#1 2020-09-02 07:35:30

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Pluckeye Problems with Chrome

So I removed the Pluckeye extension from Chrome, bad idea, and have been working to set everything back up. I deleted all my pluckeye files and re-downloaded the software, but after installation the pluckeye button did not appear on Chrome. When I add the extension from the web-store to chrome the only buttons available when clicking the icon are remunerate, settings, and help, whereas before there were many more buttons like "allow" and "block". It seems that the software is mostly working, I'm using the terminal commands to add the website exceptions I need, but I did get a random crash of internet earlier where no sites worked and I would like to have those other buttons back. Not sure if I'm missing something. Thanks for the help in advance.


#2 2020-09-02 10:07:40

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Re: Pluckeye Problems with Chrome

You can try going to the remunerate page.

After entering your income there is an option to "pay" by taking a survey or even opting out and asking for a free lunch. That should get your buttons back at least temporarily.

If you had a subscription then try revisiting the site sent in your registration email or reaching out to Jon privately with your registration email address.


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