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#1 2020-08-15 18:06:16

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Error resetting password on Pluckeye's LOCKBOX website

Hi there,

When I try to reset my password on https://lockbox.pluckeye.net/login, by clicking on "forgot password", after typing in my email for the account under login, and clicking the "request password reset" button, I get the following message "Incomplete response received from application".  Is this a problem that "https://lockbox.pluckeye.net/login" will rectify soon?  Is this a reliable service?

Peter Abraham


#2 2020-08-15 23:04:53

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Re: Error resetting password on Pluckeye's LOCKBOX website

overcomer604 wrote:

Is this a reliable service?

Lockbox plays second (or fourth, or 99th) fiddle to my real work.  As such, it has gone down a number of times, but usually such outages are resolved before long (e.g., 2 days or so)

I am aware that the information stored in lockbox is generally valuable to those who use it.  And I will make reasonable efforts to help users get their information back if something goes awry.  Yes, the data is backed up.   But I'm not going to make any guarantees because I can't afford that; I'm too busy.  If you want a guarantee, best look elsewhere (and be willing to pay or be advertised to).

But what you're reporting is a bug caused by a software update.  I was unaware of it.  Because you reported it, I've fixed the bug, I think.  Try again.


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