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#1 2020-07-24 16:19:22

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I've messed up my pluckeye settings?

Basically I tried to change the delay from 7 days back to 0 on the pluckeye my rules text that I exported on to my desktop. So at the top of the my rules text on my desktop it said delay 604800. What I did is changed this to delay 0. Then I also scrolled down to the bottom and changed the time and date my delay was going to end to today's time and date. Then I imported the pluckeye my rules text back in to my pluckeye settings using the command line.

My 7 day delay was actually due to count back down to 0 tomorrow. But after I copied my rules back in to the command line it still said delay 604800 at the top, but the bit at the bottom that tells me when my delay is going to countdown to 0 had disappeared. So I then set the delay back to 0 in the pluckeye settings and it is now saying the delay will countdown to 0 on the 31st when I type pluck export in to the command line.

I think I have messed up my settings?

I never clicked pluck abort in the settings, and I didn't add pluck abort in to the command line. So the delay should still countdown to 0 tomorrow? But the worry is it's not saying that on the command line. It's saying it will countdown to 0 on the 31st?

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#2 2020-07-24 21:37:30

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Re: I've messed up my pluckeye settings?

Whenever you set the delay, via any means (command line, import, or the GUI), any pending delay that is smaller than the new delay will be discarded.

So, if you had a pending delay of 0, and you set the delay to 7 days at any point during your changes, the pending delay would be discarded.

pluck future

will tell you what to expect.


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