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#1 2020-05-23 02:17:17

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What is the Clear command?

I was looking at more-help and noticed a command called "clear". I couldn't find anything about it here or on the various reference pages (FAQ, tips, eg, and eg2), so I'm curious what it does. I'd play with it myself but I don't want to disrupt my setup at the moment.



#2 2020-05-23 09:42:53

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Re: What is the Clear command?

WARNING: When you have a zero delay, the clear command erases your rules. I have mostly seen it used as the first line of a recipe that you are importing. So in that case you are erasing your old rule set and replacing it with what you are importing.

I just (exported my rules first and then) issued the clear command. Interestingly, pluckeye did not remove a user specific delay rule I had entered to use as an experiment. (delay 60 + action:allow youtube.com user:<user-name>) I'm not sure if that is a bug or a feature.


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