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#1 2020-02-07 17:54:36

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pluckeye v0.98.15 on Windows XP

I was getting ready to update pluckeye to version 0.98.15 on my home computer that's running Windows XP.  As I read all of the cautions and known issues that appear as I'm running "pluckeye-window-0.98.15.exe" I got nervous.

Is it known how this update of pluckeye and WinXP interact?  Should I go ahead?  If I do and find that I want to get back to my previous version of pluckeye (currently 0.95.7) how can I do that?


#2 2020-02-07 18:42:00

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Re: pluckeye v0.98.15 on Windows XP

Pluckeye no longer officially supports Windows XP because doing so is expensive.  In particular, I no longer test on Windows XP.  And last I checked there were no verifiable Pluckeye users on XP.  However, unlike old macOS versions, Pluckeye might happen to work on XP anyway.

First, save your settings:

pluck export >saved-settings.txt

You may then try any version of Pluckeye you like.  However, I'm not sure which will install or uninstall cleanly on Windows XP, but I think if a version installs successfully, it will probably uninstall successfully.

I no longer test on Windows XP, and I'm not sure which versions of Pluckeye work on it.

Please update https://manual.pluckeye.net/platforms if you can.

If you believe you can rally support for XP for some reason, feel free to try.


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