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#1 2019-08-29 05:31:52

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Google images not blocking at all

Hello all,

Google images does not block at all. At some point I accidentally blocked it completely, then hit "allow" instead of "revert." Now I can't block images. I'm running level 1 on windows 10 and I've tried to block google images directly with commands such as

pluck add "Deny google.com image"

pluck add "Deny google.com image/svg+xml"

pluck add "Deny google.com/imghp"

I really don't want to have to factory reset--I'm afraid that this bug is somehow saved in my settings and that if I factory reset and import the txt file of my ruleset I'll just have the same problem again.

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#2 2019-08-29 09:30:46

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Re: Google images not blocking at all

If you remove all of the google related rules that you added, that should put Pluckeye back into "factory mode" for that site.

pluck export | findstr /I google

will list all the google related rules.

pluck del "Deny google.com image"

will remove the unwanted rules. (Obviously, you have to edit the above to reflect the rules you find in the export!)

These are all the default rules that ship with Pluckeye:

Allow https://clients2.google.com/service/update2/crx
Allow https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/images
Allow https://www.google.com/recaptcha


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