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#1 2020-07-30 10:47:46

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Is there a way to use abmindicate along side your pluckeye delay?

Is there a way to set abmindicate along side a pluckeye level 2 delay? So when I am in a level 2 delay abmindicate would also be in force, disabling all my administrative rights. But when my delay goes back to 0 the abmindicate would also end? Like the same way if you select the NHB option this is in force until your delay goes back to 0. I am wondering if you can do the same thing with abmindicate?

You know how there is the NHB option in the pluckeye settings? I think it would be a really good idea if there was also an abmindicate option in the pluckeye settings, that works in the exact same way the NHB mode works.

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#2 2020-07-31 23:15:00

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Re: Is there a way to use abmindicate along side your pluckeye delay?

Interesting idea, but I'm afraid it is unlikely to be implemented.  Abmindicate requires you to log in and out of your desktop for one thing.

Theoretically, one could possibly write a script to automatically coordinate Pluckeye's nhb times and the abmindicate schedule.  But I'm afraid there are more pressing matters for me (like Pluckeye v1!)


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