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#2 Re: How do I..? » [SOLVED] Unable to set level 2 on macOS: status 40192 » 2019-12-08 21:06:20

Thanks for responding.  As far as software versions, here we go:

MacOS Mojave 10.14.8
Firefox 60.2 ESR
Pluckeye 0.98.15

Since my initial post I downgraded my Firefox from the latest, which was Firefox 62.0.3.  I also played with an older version of Pluckeye I had saved, but finally reinstalled Pluckeye 0.98.15.  What I found thru research and some trial & error was that I had a "permission" problem and needed to go to:

"Settings", then
"Security & Privacy", then
Give permission for the software.

Something of note was that when I did this it informed me," I should let my software developer know that this software would NOT be compatible with future MacOS versions.  About a month ago I upgraded to MacOS Catalina and thru my whole system setup into a tailspin, lots of stuff wouldn't work, so I ended up downgrading back to Mojave, but had been running without pluckeye.  After some struggles I dug in this weekend determined to get back to where I could run Pluckeye again, its too important not to.

#3 How do I..? » [SOLVED] Unable to set level 2 on macOS: status 40192 » 2019-12-08 04:39:35

Cage Faraday
Replies: 4

Whenever I try to set level 2 I get this error,
"Failed to set the installation level because pluck set 'level 2' failed with status: 40192".
Any ideas?

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