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#1 Re: How do I..? » How to I prevent Pluckeye from Interfering with Turnitin? » 2020-05-23 20:28:00

You did not include the asterisks, right?

 pluck + allow ithenticate.com

#2 Re: How do I..? » What is the Clear command? » 2020-05-23 09:42:53

WARNING: When you have a zero delay, the clear command erases your rules. I have mostly seen it used as the first line of a recipe that you are importing. So in that case you are erasing your old rule set and replacing it with what you are importing.

I just (exported my rules first and then) issued the clear command. Interestingly, pluckeye did not remove a user specific delay rule I had entered to use as an experiment. (delay 60 + action:allow youtube.com user:<user-name>) I'm not sure if that is a bug or a feature.

#3 Re: How do I..? » How to I prevent Pluckeye from Interfering with Turnitin? » 2020-05-22 00:30:54

I dug around their support site and found this.

Security Settings

To access one of our products, your web browser or antivirus software must allow cookies and not block content from the following URLs:


#5 Re: How do I..? » How to enable Discord with Level 2 Enabled? » 2020-05-21 09:12:11

After you get your console open, if you have Windows, then start by trying to run Discord. Then type this into your console:

pluck verdicts

The output should give you the proper name of the Discord program. For the example below I am assuming the proper name is discord.exe.

Now type this command:

pluck + allow program discord.exe

Wait one delay and technically Discord should be working. If not, use the 'pluck verdicts' again to see if a required website has been blocked..

#6 Re: How do I..? » How do I block downloading of images from a specific URL? » 2020-05-19 21:16:34

The way I read your question is that at some point you allowed a site, but there is a specific page that you want to block the images on.

Here is what should work at the commandline:

 pluck + block https://www.domain.com/some/page-or-directory image/

Images on that page should be blocked. Images on other pages at that site should not be blocked.

#7 Re: How do I..? » How to find out how long is remaining on delay? » 2020-05-16 17:47:01

The pending rule line shows when that rule is scheduled to go into effect.

#8 Re: How do I..? » How to find out how long is remaining on delay? » 2020-05-16 09:10:35

When you give the command

pluck export

your pending rules are at the bottom of the list, and they start with the # character.

in Pluckeye 0.99+ you would be looking for the the line that says

# YYYY-DD-MM HH:MM:SS - block otherwise

I ran an experiment, and changing my delay did not change the time that the block was removed. Output below.

$pluck export | grep \#     <--- A way on Linux to see only the pending commands
# 2020-05-16 05:02:26 - block otherwise      <-- When my block expires
$ pluck delay 4m   <-- This is increasing my delay
$ pluck export | grep \#
# 2020-05-16 05:02:26 - block otherwise  <-- Time and date did not change
$ pluck delay 0  <--- This is decreasing my delay
$ pluck export | grep \#
# 2020-05-16 05:05:22 + delay 0   
# 2020-05-16 05:05:22 - delay 240
# 2020-05-16 05:02:26 - block otherwise   <-- Time and date did not change 

#9 Re: How do I..? » Is there a way to abort changes selectively? » 2020-05-12 21:26:13

Unfortunately, I don't believe there is a way to selectively abort yet.

#10 Re: How do I..? » [SOLVED] I can't find the Pluckeye extention in Chrome! » 2020-05-05 11:20:57

We'll have to wait for Jon to chime in on whether Pluckeye is causing an Internet slowdown for you.

#11 Re: How do I..? » GNOME Shell Whiteout? » 2020-05-04 21:45:29

I ran my copy of gnome-weather and it was blocked like yours. So in a terminal window I gave the command:

pluck verdicts

and saw that gjs-console was being blocked.

After I allowed gjs-console, the basic features of gnome-weather worked, but the terminal reported that geolocation was disabled.

So play around with the verdicts command and see if that helps with the other apps.

EDIT I just noticed that you are using Pluckeye 98.15...I don't think that supports the verdicts command. So you may want to consider upgrading.

#12 Re: How do I..? » [SOLVED] I can't find the Pluckeye extention in Chrome! » 2020-05-04 21:23:46

This sounds unusual, but there are certain conditions under which the extension will not be present. (Normally I think it is when the extension has been manually removed...but I don't remember that detail.)

If you have Pluckeye installed but don't see the extension in Chrome, you can pick it up at the Chrome Extensions website.

If you continue to have problems, include your operating system and Pluckeye version in your reply.

#13 Re: How do I..? » Remove command to allow images? » 2020-04-28 21:22:26

If you want to start a separate thread for the recipe issue, try importing a recipe again and post the specific error message. Also helpful would be knowing which recipe you are trying. I'm assuming from comments you made earlier that you are a Windows computer and the Windows recipes.

#14 Re: How do I..? » Remove command to allow images? » 2020-04-28 11:31:47

i went to wikipedia and looked at an image's URL. It was https://upload.wikimedia.org/.

I'm surprised the Revert command did not work, but see if you have a command about wikimedia in your rules and deal with that.

pluck export | grep wikimedia
pluck export | findstr wikimedia

You can also use the Pluckeye history option (in the menu) to see what is being allowed. There are drop-down menus there that let you revert specific items or the controlling domain.

#15 Re: How do I..? » onetime is not working on newest version of pluckeye. » 2020-04-25 21:22:18

That may be a bug. The new version uses 'when' as a multipurpose time command. From the notes, I suggest you try something like this:

pluck + when 201505301100-201505301130 allow a.pluckeye.net

For those new to this syntax, that is YYYYMMDDHHMM (Year, Month, Day, Hour, Minute).

#16 Re: How do I..? » How do I block Google Drive? » 2020-04-20 22:19:57

Windows 10, Pluckeye 0.99.40

pluck + block drive.google.com

was mostly working for me. At level 1 it started to build the Google-Drive menu but stopped before showing me contents and reported a server error. At level 2 it simply blocked it.

#17 Re: How do I..? » Block key words » 2020-04-19 20:43:35

Jon collects feature requests at pluckeye.uservoice.com.

You may want to add your vote to this proposal regarding keywords.

#18 Re: How do I..? » Pluckeye blocking all browsers except Pale Moon » 2020-04-19 12:23:31

Jon has been encouraging people to move to 0.99.x. You may want to export your settings as a backup and upgrade to see if that helps.  (I can't explain the connection problems...)

#19 Re: How do I..? » Block key words » 2020-04-19 12:19:37

Pluckeye does not have this capability since it works on a no-image/delay system instead.

#21 Re: How do I..? » How to block all internet access for a specified number of minutes? » 2020-04-08 10:46:39

Quick follow up question. Is there a command to remove these onetime blackouts from the Pluckeye settings file? I tested out a few and they are still visible at the bottom of my settings file. Thanks.

Similar question here.

#22 Re: How do I..? » Anyway to batch whitelist bookmarks? » 2020-04-04 22:24:51

So you upgraded to 99.x? Typically your rules are converted. Can you report your OS?

What browser are you using? (I'm wondering what format your bookmarks are in.)

You never registered at u.pluckeye.net?

Don't do it yet, but I *think* that if you downgrade your rules may still be there. But let Jon confirm that first.

#23 Re: How do I..? » Allow all images and sites except the ones I block » 2020-03-25 10:58:33

Welcome to Pluckeye!

Pluckeye's default behavior is to show the text of any site, but block it's pictures and videos. The average user then determines that a site is safe and "allows" it to turn pictures and videos on.

If you want to use Pluckeye as only a blacklist, then you tell it to allow everything (except for what you have specifically blocked). I'm assuming you have version 0.99.x here; you issue this command in your OS's terminal/command prompt:

pluck + allow

Now unless you specifically block a site, it will show images/videos, etc.

#24 Re: How do I..? » Not getting options to set delay or block websites on Android browser » 2020-03-01 22:43:29

I recently had this problem re-appear on my tablet and restarting the tablet cleared it for me.

#25 Re: How do I..? » Pluckeye 0.98.15 is not blocking images » 2020-02-24 12:03:10

Is there any chance you installed something (an extension or other program) that may now be conflicting with Pluckeye?

You can send in a sysinspect record to have Jon look as well, if needed.

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