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#1 Re: How do I..? » Can't install new Pluckeye version » 2019-03-21 23:31:59

Cross-posted reply to a Windows 10 user :

Quick reply:

Download the vs 2017 redistributables (yes, 2017!).
X64: https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=746572
X86: https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=746571
vc_redist.x86.exe /uninstall
vc_redist.x64.exe /uninstall
Install Pluckeye
For more info, see:

https://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forum … 64-amp-x86

I'll see if I can change the installer to avoid this. :-/


#2 Re: How do I..? » ANNOUNCEMENT: Chrome fails at level 2. » 2019-03-12 11:10:43

Jon reports:

This issue should be fixed in Pluckeye 0.95.5+ (although Chrome now starts somewhat slower...).


#4 Re: How do I..? » Possible to allow website for 1 hr per day in total? Variable delay? » 2019-02-28 14:11:42

Tracking your time on a website and blocking when your time has run out is not a part of Pluckeye. To request features, add them to the UserVoice page.

A "sometimes" rule will change your delay. Here is an example:

pluck add "Sometimes MTWRF0600-1700 Delay 15 minutes"
pluck add "Sometimes MTWRF1701-2400 Delay 2 hours"

The first rule has Pluckeye look at your computer clock in the morning. As soon as it sees that it is 6 AM on a weekday, it says "I need to start counting down to set a new delay...the current delay is two hours, so I'll  make this new rule take effect at 8 AM." If you don't turn your computer on until 8:00, it will start counting down then, and the new delay will not take effect until 10 AM.

The second rule sees that it is after 5 PM and since 2 hours is more restrictive, it takes effect immediately.

Pages that may help with writing rules:
Pluckeye Time Syntax
Pluckeye Command Syntax

#5 Other » Help us recruit » 2019-02-21 16:45:45

Replies: 1

We are trying to increase the number of people who are regularly testing new versions of Pluckeye.

A Pluckeye tester is someone who:

  • is comfortable installing software on their computer

  • probably has some experience with their computer's command line

  • can follow testing steps and report back on problems

  • has an hour or so of time for testing each month

  • is not currently relying on Pluckeye (Testers change levels and typically use a short delay.)

Do you know a techie-type with time on their hands? Tell them how Pluckeye helps you and ask them to become a tester!

Those interested in helping simply subscribe to an email list which alerts them to new releases and the testing protocol. They can unsubscribe anytime. Windows, Mac, Linux and Android testing is all helpful.

Sign up here:  https://www.subscribepage.com/pluckeye

Thank you for passing this on.

#6 Re: How do I..? » LinkedIn on Chrome vs. Firefox » 2019-02-21 10:01:19

My Windows 10 Home unit has the Chrome issue at level 2 so I cannot really test it there.

Using Chromium 71.0.x on a 32-bit Ubuntu-based distro, Pluckeye 0.95.1 is showing me the whole linkedin.com home page.

#7 Re: How do I..? » Level 2 installation blocks internet on chrome » 2019-02-17 21:21:34

Thank you for the report. If you can send Jon the results of using the sysinspect tool, it may help him track down what is going on.


#8 Re: How do I..? » Not getting options to set delay or block websites on Android browser » 2019-02-16 14:37:47

https://old.reddit.com/r/pluckeye/comme … r/egljyeg/

I cleared my android pluckeye data, uninstalled it, removed my u.pluckeye.net account, then reinstalled pluckeye android by downloading the apk from the website. I cannot duplicate this.

I went to whitehouse.gov and it loaded with no images. I pressed the pluckeye icon and it went to moz-extension://... and gave me the allow, block, and advanced options.

Android 3.4.67 on some really cheap alcatel onetouch phone.

#9 Re: How do I..? » How to block Software Centre downloads on Ubuntu 18.10 » 2019-02-16 12:31:55

It just hit me that if other browsers are working at Level 2 then something is definitely fundamentally wrong. What version of Pluckeye do you have?

#10 Re: How do I..? » How to block Software Centre downloads on Ubuntu 18.10 » 2019-02-16 00:19:58

Hmmm, the same thing is happening for me on Zorin (based on Ubuntu). Maybe this is a regression.

When I turned on the NHB option, it stopped the Software Centre from downloading new files. You can turn on the NHB option by clicking the "advanced" button on your Pluckeye settings page and toggling it on.

#11 Re: How do I..? » Allowed Google Images temporarily; now need to go back to original » 2019-02-15 00:07:23

Go to the images search page. From the Pluckeye menu, choose "revert." If you have blocked the image page you will need to wait one delay. If you are currently showing images, it should take effect right away.

#12 Re: How do I..? » Allow some apps/softwares on NHB version » 2019-02-09 18:43:52

Based on my testing of Win 10, I found that the only way to have Pluckeye block the apps is to enable the NHB option...and that blocks all of them.

Apparently you can use PowerShell to delete the apps you don't want, including the store. But since PowerShell can also re-install them, that is probably not the solution you want.

https://www.howtogeek.com/224798/how-to … tall-them/

#13 Re: How do I..? » Level 2 installation blocks internet on chrome » 2019-02-08 13:16:49

Edited 2/17

I upgraded to Pluckeye 0.95.1 to test it on Win 10 and suddenly had this problem (access to "all sites" was already an option in the extension setting).

[Alternate suggestion deleted.]

By private email from Jon, he suggested dropping down to Level 1, then going  back up to Level 2. This worked in my case.

#14 Re: How do I..? » Images not blocked on Google Search » 2019-02-03 22:41:13

So Pluckeye's default state is to allow sites but disallow images.

When you ALLOWED google to do the image search, you added a rule "allow google.com" (or something similar).

To turn the images back off, the simplest way would have been to use Pluckeye's Revert command (in the Pluckeye menu). You issued a BLOCK command hoping to block images...but what that does is block the site.

So while at Google, with images showing, use the Pluckeye  menu and choose revert to get back to "normal" usage.

Otherwise you open your command prompt and look at all of your google rules:

pluck expert | findstr oogle

Find the one that talks about allowing google, and delete it by typing the exact way it appears.

pluck del "put the command here"

#15 Re: How do I..? » Can't Download Word Docs from website » 2019-02-03 22:33:20

Did you allow that site?

pluck add "Allow agora-file-storage-prod.s3-us-west-1.amazonaws.com"

or just use amazonaws.com if you think your documents will move to a different server farm.

#16 Re: How do I..? » Level 2 installation blocks internet on chrome » 2019-02-03 15:16:05

Windows 10 Home 17134.523
Chrome 72.0.3626.81 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Pluckeye 0.94.0

I got my hands on a Win 10 laptop and cannot duplicate this problem. I am at Level 2 and Chrome is acting normally.

The best I can suggest is using the Sysinspect tool (link above) and send in your results. Or drop down to Level 1, uninstall Pluckeye, re-install and see if that "resets" anything.

#17 Re: How do I..? » Unable to change to level 2 » 2019-01-21 16:33:26

It will help us to know what version operating system you are using, which browser (and version) and what version of Pluckeye.

You may also need to run the sysinspect utility and send the results in to have this problem resolved.

#18 Re: How do I..? » How to show my pictures on photos.google.com? » 2019-01-18 09:38:03

Have you tried using the Pluckeye history function?

Reload the photos.google.com page, then in the Pluckeye menu choose "history." The tab that opens should show you what domains are being blocked. Google will sometimes have pictures on a different domain, and you can use the tools on the history page to allow it.

#19 Re: How do I..? » How to block a certain set of sites just for a few hours. » 2019-01-17 10:26:18

i tend to use the "man" page for Pluckeye (https://www.pluckeye.net/eg.plu) which as you discovered, does not really explain the commands as much as give examples. But I just searched the release notes page (https://www.pluckeye.net/release-notes.html) and found the following:

v0.56.0 - 2017-08-25
Replace "Deny" with "Block".

So it looks like Carl is right and the deny command was deprecated. I'll send a note to Jon in case he needs to update the eg.plu page.

#20 Re: How do I..? » How to block a certain set of sites just for a few hours. » 2019-01-15 00:12:33

EDIT: Carl beat me to it.

Are you familiar with making bash scripts? (There are lots of tutorials online. Here is a link to a random one.)

Your script will add onetime rules to your rule list. For example

pluck add "Onetime now+1h Deny facebook.com"
pluck add "Onetime now+1h Deny instagram.com"
pluck add "Onetime now+1h Deny news.site.com"

Then when you run the script all of your rules will be added.

These rules (perhaps obviously) block the sites for one hour. You can use now+2h for two hour blocks.

#21 Re: How do I..? » How to block a certain set of sites just for a few hours. » 2019-01-13 22:30:32

This answer assumes that the blocks are fixed times on the clock. That is, if the first two hour block you described is Monday from 3 - 5, then this answer works if EVERY Monday from 3 - 5 is your deep thinking time.

Start by going to this site: https://u.pluckeye.net/hrs3 . Click on Weekly in the upper right corner. Then "draw" your deep work time by clicking the appropriate days and times. It will build the "code" for these times at the top of the page. Copy this code. (Here's where the days come from: # MTWRFAU <- sUn, Mon, Tue, Wed, thuR, Fri, sAt, sUn.)

Now you will make a Deny rule for each social media site you want to block during those times. Do this at the command prompt of your computer.

 pluck add "Sometimes your.time.code Deny facebook.com"
 pluck add "Sometimes your.time.code Deny instagram.com"


If your deep work time varies each day, you will have to block the sites manually at the beginning of your work time. Go to your first social media site, click on the Pluckeye button, click on the "Always" button and choose one or two hours, and then click on Block. Go to the next social media site and block that. Then enjoy your distraction-free work time.

#22 Re: How do I..? » What if blocked application/ ? » 2019-01-10 09:41:50

Here is how I tested this.

I went to a random site with a pdf that I have never been to before: pdf995.com/samples/pdf.pdf

The pdf loaded because Pluckeye does not block them by default.

Then I added the rule:

pluck add "Deny application/pdf"

When I reloaded the page, the pdf was blocked and would not load.

Then I clicked the Pluckeye "Allow" button, and the pdf loaded again.

So if you use the "Deny application/mime-type" syntax, it appears that these formats WILL be available on sites you have specifically allowed.

#23 Re: How do I..? » NHB and allowing specific applications » 2019-01-10 00:18:33

I just turned NHB on (I'm using a Linux computer) and it killed the whiteout I have on a program. So it looks like NHB must override some user settings. Maybe Jon will chime in and clarify if there is a way around this.

#24 Re: How do I..? » Pluckeye not appearing in Firefox » 2019-01-02 20:47:33

The other helpful piece of information would be whether or not you can install *any* extension in Firefox. That is, are you experiencing a global problem or a Pluckeye-only problem.

#25 Re: How do I..? » Anyway to block comments on the internet » 2019-01-02 10:23:35

You could block comments that are hosted elsewhere, but not comments that are hosted on the same  domain. So no, blocking all comments would not be possible with Pluckeye.

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