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#1 Re: How do I..? » Google images not blocking at all » 2019-08-29 09:30:46

If you remove all of the google related rules that you added, that should put Pluckeye back into "factory mode" for that site.

pluck export | findstr /I google

will list all the google related rules.

pluck del "Deny google.com image"

will remove the unwanted rules. (Obviously, you have to edit the above to reflect the rules you find in the export!)

These are all the default rules that ship with Pluckeye:

Allow https://clients2.google.com/service/update2/crx
Allow https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/images
Allow https://www.google.com/recaptcha

#2 Re: How do I..? » Level 2 Internet Blocked After Windows Update » 2019-08-21 09:12:50

Probably the best thing to do is to download the sysinspect tool, and then go into level 2. Confirm that the Internet is blocked, and while in that state run sysinspect. After you have the output file, return to Level 1 and send the results in. That will give Jon the best picture of what is going on.


#3 Re: How do I..? » Blocking and allowing mac programs » 2019-08-11 20:06:27

Per-program rules are not available for Mac OS yet.

#4 Re: How do I..? » Error message » 2019-08-07 21:48:13

A sometimes command includes the block command. Here's an example from http://www.pluckeye.net/eg.plu.

Sometimes MTWRF0800-1200&1300-1700 Block a.pluckeye.net

In regard to what is causing the error and how to fix it, we'll have to wait for Jon to chime in. Make sure he knows your OS, browser, and Pluckeye versions.

#5 Re: How do I..? » Temporarily allow a website » 2019-07-29 09:20:37

On the Pluckeye menu you click "always" and choose an option like ten minutes. Then Allow or Revert the site. But if can't wait for your delay, you'll need to enlist a helper to speed up the change.

#6 Re: How do I..? » Unblock network printer when NHB is enabled » 2019-07-25 09:35:07

Are you still using Windows 10?
What program are you trying to print with?
Did you tell Pluckeye to allow the ip address of the printer? (I'm not sure that is the issue, though.)

#7 Re: How do I..? » [SOLVED] How to download Steam games on Windows? » 2019-07-19 11:27:13

If you can put the word "block" in front of all of your steam IPs, then here are some general instructions for importing a list of rules. (Get rid of the "clear" command and it should not overwrite your existing rules.)

http://www.pluckeye.net/recipes/windows/all-access.txt (Back off one level to see a list of other recipe examples.)

If I have ever tried blacklisting Edge/IE I don't recall what the results were. But they are so tightly integrated into the OS that this probably won't work:


pluck add "Program iexplorer.exe blackout"

(Should that be iexplore.exe? I'm on my linux computer at the moment...)

You are not the first person to encounter problems with Steam.

#8 Re: How do I..? » Can I limiting user account access to Pluckeye on Linux? » 2019-07-14 21:56:18

Actually, I would have loved to use Pluckeye school wide when I was there. A teacher could have had certain allow lists pre-set that classroom computers would import from a server and put into action right away because of certain administrative rights. This would have let me set up computers for research projects much easier than the full proxy system I had set up on a separate server. And as a parent, there were times I wished I could lock Pluckeye's settings beyond the delay to use as a filter for my children.

But I have been a volunteer for Jon long enough to know that as a one-person software developer he has to focus on the core product capabilities. With the way browsers keep updating, a lot of his time is involved in creating patches just to keep the core capabilities working.

So I actually agree with you. Having the ability to lock Pluckeye's settings with a password is something I would have been able to (and actually still would) use. But there are only so many hours in a day to work on things that are helpful.

I suggest that you head over to https://pluckeye.uservoice.com and formally suggest your idea of a password that blocks setting changes there. Maybe it would be easy to implement and therefore a candidate for implementation.

#9 Re: How do I..? » Can I limiting user account access to Pluckeye on Linux? » 2019-07-14 01:09:27

I needed a quick whitelist for a student borrowing a school computer. Since the student was young and the family was not technically capable (recent immigrants and did not know English), Pluckeye worked in that instance. I made a 24 hour delay and had a script that re-imported the whitelist and set the delay each time the computer was turned on and at a set time each evening. Having a password like you describe would have made the whitelist super easy but the intended audience for Pluckeye is people who want self-help.

When I had more time later, I limited the computer to Firefox and used two extensions. One provided the whitelist and the other locked the settings.

I think the short answer to your question is that any user can change a Pluckeye rule...but obviously will have to wait one delay for it to take effect. But I agree with Jon that your use-case is a little bit unclear.

#10 Re: How do I..? » [SOLVED] Delay setting issues » 2019-06-30 21:08:18

Did you look at the small print under the delay on the settings page? It would normally say something like "This delay is pending and should take effect at about <time>. The current delay is 7 days.

As regular helpers, we would be able to approve access to websites before the seven days, but not change the delay.

You will need to post your u.pluckeye.com account name (or email it to Jon with supporting details) for him to set your delay to zero.

#11 Re: How do I..? » Level 2 and NHB not working » 2019-06-21 20:03:19

Edge getting online is a surprise. Others have reported problems with MS Store. Another user gave steps to delete MS Store, but I'm not sure there is a Pluckeye method that prevents you from re-installing it.

What version of Pluckeye are you using?

#12 Re: How do I..? » [SOLVED] Blocking images after site has already been fully allowed. » 2019-06-20 21:46:12

So that means that you did not allow Twitter individually. It is being allowed by your all access rule. To block pictures on twitter, enter a command like

pluck add "block twitter.com image/"

There is a similar discussion taking place at reddit's Pluckeye page if you want another person's experience.

#13 Re: How do I..? » [SOLVED] Blocking images after site has already been fully allowed. » 2019-06-20 08:49:18

If you are on Windows, open a command prompt and type

pluck export | findstr witter 

or on Mac/Linux

pluck export | grep witter 

then post the results, it will help us understand what rules you made for twitter.

These are the sorts of things that helpers could see easily at u.pluckeye.net.

#14 Re: How do I..? » Delay, Blocking/Allowing. Need Help. » 2019-06-15 15:47:24

82nate wrote:

I guess now I just need to know how to set things up so that when the next 7 days is over I can quickly uninstall Pluckeye with all the messed up settings I've applied and reinstall a fresh copy and go from there.

When your delay is zero, type this command in your terminal

pluck uninstall

#15 Re: How do I..? » How do I make temporary blacklisting intantaneous? » 2019-05-30 09:17:39

Rules that restrict Pluckeye take effect immediately. Rules that loosen Pluckeye need to wait for the delay.

Since you want to add restrictive rules, they will go into effect right away. So you can use the Onetime command to block a site for a period of time, .eg.:

pluck add "Onetime now+60m Block youtube.com"

If you find that you have several sites to restrict, write a .bat or .sh file to add the commands.

#16 Re: How do I..? » Allow internet access for all non-browser programs » 2019-05-23 00:26:23

Non-browser programs being blocked is a function of being at Level 2. So I'm afraid your options are to go down to Level 1 or to keep whiteouting programs as they come up.

#17 Re: How do I..? » Blocking IRC Web clients & IRC sites » 2019-05-17 00:07:51

Are you using the NHB option? That may block IRC clients...I don't have one installed to test.

It may also be helpful to know your OS if Jon wanders in and wants to suggest something.

#18 Re: How do I..? » [SOLVED] multi-user setup problems » 2019-05-12 18:02:17

The notes on the website (https://www.pluckeye.net/multiuser.html#sec-2) state:

Scenario 3: Peter and Susan both use Pluckeye at installation level 2
   1. Peter: Install Pluckeye, and leave at level 1 so that Susan can install Plucki.
   2. Susan: Install Plucki.
   3. Peter or Susan: Set Pluckeye to level 2 (in Firefox or Chrome or via `pluck set "level 2"`).

So did you leave your Admin account at Level 1 until you had the Studies account set up? I am unclear on that.

#19 Re: How do I..? » TEMPORARILY block all websites except a few select ones » 2019-05-01 00:03:37

If I am understanding you correctly, then you could write a .bat (or bash script) for each category and run it when you want to. The bash scripts would have commands in the form of

pluck add "onetime now+x min block personal.site.1.com"
pluck add "onetime now+x min block personal.site.2.com"

More onetime syntax options are at http://www.pluckeye.net/eg.plu.

#20 Re: How do I..? » TEMPORARILY block all websites except a few select ones » 2019-04-27 22:41:17

The FAQ adds a rule "Block" that is in force all of the time. Use a sometimes rule to use the Block rule at certain times.

First, go to https://u.pluckeye.net/hrs3 and mark the times you want the block rule to work. Copy the rule that is produced.

Then, open a command prompt and type

pluck add "sometimes your-time-rule Block"

#21 Re: How do I..? » [Solved] Trouble with the expedite feature » 2019-03-31 21:09:53

Here is what I remembered. It was posted to the Reddit site.

- - - - -

Here's how expedition is supposed to work.

1. Get helpers.
2. Request a settings change be expedited.
3. Notify helpers somehow.
4. Helper approves.
5. Make some (any) change to settings. For example, click "allow" while on https://www.pluckeye.net/ . Even if it is already allowed, that should trigger a check for expedited approvals.

- - - - -

Jon would have to check on whether or not your device is syncing with your account. But it seems that you should be able to make a simple change and log it to see if it appears in your profile there.

#22 Re: How do I..? » Images not blocked on Google Search » 2019-03-31 21:04:39

Remember that Pluckeye is not going to uninstall until your delay is nil.

Let's try this. it worked on my Linux machine with Firefox...hopefully it is good for Windows too. Go back to Google's search page. It will be blocked. Then cilck on your Pluckeye button and choose 'history.'  Click the "Revert" button. You should have access to Google without images after one delay has passed.

Regarding the command line, you should not have to type the path...no cd command is needed. If you open your command prompt and just type

pluck export

(note that I made a typo up above)

You should see your list of pluckeye rules.

#23 Re: How do I..? » [Solved] Trouble with the expedite feature » 2019-03-31 00:18:53

I have this vague recollection that Jon said somewhere that after the proposed change is approved you have to make another rule change somewhere so that Pluckeye will check in with u.pluckeye.net and see the change has been approved. It sounded like Pluckeye does not check it with u.pluckeye.net at set times...just when it needs to.  I suppose you could find a government site and "allow" it as a relatively safe way to do this.

I can't seem to find Jon's exact wording; if I do I'll post it later.

#24 Re: How do I..? » Can't install new Pluckeye version » 2019-03-31 00:11:13

How did you uninstall the vc-redist? Via the command line like Grimblewald suggested on the Microsoft page cited?

Do you get the message about an installation in progress even after restarting your computer?

#25 Re: How do I..? » Can't install new Pluckeye version » 2019-03-21 23:31:59

Cross-posted reply to a Windows 10 user :

Quick reply:

Download the vs 2017 redistributables (yes, 2017!).
X64: https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=746572
X86: https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=746571
vc_redist.x86.exe /uninstall
vc_redist.x64.exe /uninstall
Install Pluckeye
For more info, see:

https://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forum … 64-amp-x86

I'll see if I can change the installer to avoid this. :-/


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