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#1 Re: How do I..? » Make a "study mode" for Pluckeye? » 2020-07-29 10:00:08

Yes. You basically replace the '+' with a '-' or 'rm' or 'del'.

#2 Re: How do I..? » Make a "study mode" for Pluckeye? » 2020-07-28 11:38:47

If you use a when rule with the block command, it should give you the conditions in your edit...everything is blocked except for your allowed sites.

pluck + when 0800-1500 block

If you need to block some of the other sites during that time, change their allow rules to outside of your study hall times.

pluck + when "0000-0800&1500-2400" allow sports.myschool.edu

#3 Re: How do I..? » Temporarily allow images but keep blocked sites » 2020-07-23 11:41:59

I tried adding that rule here (Ubuntu-flavored OS) and when I ran an export, the rule had not stuck. I'm not sure if this is a syntax error, forbidden, or a bug.

#4 Re: How do I..? » Block override allow ? » 2020-07-19 23:40:55

Yes, generally speaking, the more restrictive rule with overtake the more permissive rule. So when there are competing block and allow rules, the block will win.

So make the allow rule the general rule

pluck + allow mysite.com

And add a block rule with the times that you should not have access to the site.

pluck + when MTWRF0800-1200&1300-1700 block mysite.com

#5 Re: How do I..? » Block a site temporarily? » 2020-07-16 22:52:58

Oh yes, that is much easier than my way. I'm glad you found it.

#6 Re: How do I..? » Block a site temporarily? » 2020-07-16 08:48:13

If you want to block a site for 1 day, the easiest way is to use the Pluckeye button.

1. Click the Pluckeye button.
2. Click the word always
3. Change always to 1 day
4. Click block

To make your own rule that you enter at the command line you will use the when command, and the YYYYMMDDHHMMSS date/time format. So if I want to block a site for two days starting from right now, I would type the following.

pluck + when 20200716044500-20200718044500 block whitehouse.gov

If you need to get fancy and add in certain days of the week, you can use the tool at https://u.pluckeye.net/hrs3 to help create the date/time string. Just click on the weekly button over toward the top right.

#7 Re: How do I..? » What would happen if you accidentally removed the pluckeye extension? » 2020-07-15 22:14:59

Ive tried everything the read me said and above.

If you have issued the pluck delay 0 command, then you need to wait one delay-length for your delay to be reset at zero. How long was your delay and how long have you waited? If you type this command:

pluck future

do you see a line telling you when your delay is set to go to zero? It would look something like YYYYMMDD HH:MM:SS + delay 0.

There is not much we can do until enough time has passed for your delay to reset to zero.

#8 Re: How do I..? » Can you transfer settings from pluckeye to another computer? » 2020-07-13 22:21:29


This is adapted from https://www.pluckeye.net/recipes/windows/all-access.txt

Old computer:
1. Start a command prompt (Start > Run > cmd.exe).
2. cd "%HOMEPATH%\Desktop"
3. pluck export >my-rules.txt

Look on your desktop for the text file and transfer it to the desktop of the new computer.

New computer.
1. Start a command prompt
2. pluck import "%HOMEPATH%\Desktop\my-rules.txt"
3. pluck export should now list the rules back to you.

#9 Re: How do I..? » I can't upload my devices configuration? » 2020-07-13 22:13:57

It may be best to wait for Jon to weigh in, but the release notes also refer to

pluck resync

which should start a manual two-way sync process.

#10 Re: How do I..? » Command line for bypassing pluckeye during certain dates and times » 2020-07-13 22:08:35

I looked at the manual but I can only find recurring whiteouts on certain days and times.

Make a note of Pluckeye's example page. If you search for "when" you will see examples of recurring and "one-time" rules.

#11 Re: How do I..? » [SOLVED] How can I allow everything from 8am to midnight? » 2020-07-07 00:15:12

What Jon is saying is that this rule:

     when:0-8    action:block    everything:true

is so powerful, that it overcomes every other rule. So if this rule in active from 0 - 8, then everything is blocked. If you get rid of the rule by using the command that he suggested, then from 0 - 8 the two imported rules will be the filter that tells Pluckeye how to behave. And then from 8 - 24 you have the whole internet because of your allow everything rule.

#12 Re: How do I..? » Make my installation level to 2 » 2020-07-07 00:06:23

Pluckeye will generally allow you to add a MORE restrictive rule without waiting for a delay. For some reason, setting Level 2 with a non-zero delay must be done with your command prompt and not the Pluckeye button. Open the command window and type:

pluck + system

That should put you into Level 2 immediately.

If you want to go back to Level 1 you would type:

pluck - system

But your system will not be in Level 1 until after one delay has passed.

#13 Re: How do I..? » Delay changed from a 1 second delay to a 7 day delay? » 2020-07-01 22:24:02

I'm pretty conservative with what I share online, but I made a u.pluckeye.net account because I like to test features. From our perspective, it does what is advertised...it uploads your Pluckeye rule set, not your history or other browser settings. Here is a screen shot of what I see when I log in. (Here's the link in case the image doesn't work...https://ibb.co/r2F81F5 but you'll have to allow the site and wait one delay.)

You need the account so Jon can authorize changes to your rules. Once the change is done, there should be nothing keeping you from unsyncing with u.pluckeye.net and deleting your account. (I used a new gmail account to make my u.pluckeye account...it is the only thing I use that email address for.) I've volunteered with Pluckeye long enough to know that Jon has no interest in randomly perusing or changing people's rules.

screenshot of u.pluckeye.net

{edit: I guess images are turned off, which makes sense on a public forum.}

#14 Re: How do I..? » Can you cancel a pluck abort? » 2020-06-27 17:47:14

Yes, you'll have to start a countdown again.

If you upgrade to version 0.99.55 you can use the following syntax to selectively abort rules:

pluck + delay 10
pluck + allow good.com
pluck + allow oops.com
pluck abort oops.com            # remove oops.com from future
pluck abort oops                # would also work

#15 Re: How do I..? » Can you cancel a pluck abort? » 2020-06-26 22:52:51

I'm not aware of a way to cancel the abort command.

#16 Re: How do I..? » How to add blackout in configuration » 2020-06-20 11:14:09

I have not tested or used this feature, but when you log into u.pluckeye.net and are editing your configuration, you make time rules something like this:

when:6-9	action:allow	host:website.com
when:0-6&9-24	action:block	host:website.com
when:12-13	action:block	everything

If you are not used to reading the time codes, this web page may help:  https://u.pluckeye.net/hrs3

Basically, to enter these same rules in the commandline you would just put "pluck +" at the beginning.

Remember that Pluckeye's Android version does not support time-based when rules yet.

#17 Re: How do I..? » How to add blackout in configuration » 2020-06-19 16:26:06

If you have developed a set of local rules you can get them onto u.pluckeye with the command

pluck upload

To get the changes you have made uploaded to u.pluckeye try

pluck sync

#18 Re: How do I..? » Sometimes rule on Android? » 2020-06-15 00:11:34

Which Pluckeye Android version? i assume the latest one supports the desktop Pluckeye 0.99+ command syntax, but I have never actually seen that in print. An old Pluckeye Android version certainly would not know what a 'when' command means.

#19 Re: How do I..? » Is there a way to block files apps ext? » 2020-06-13 15:41:51

Do you know about Jon's lockbox.pluckeye.net site? You can put passwords in there and set a delay that has to count down before you can get them out.

#20 Re: How do I..? » Is there a way to block files apps ext? » 2020-06-12 22:42:51

No, Pluckeye is only going to block content coming in through the Internet and its various protocols. Local files bypass that (unless you are running a development server or something).

#21 Re: How do I..? » Hey guys what does pluck eval host ok.com do? » 2020-06-12 21:31:32

The `pluck eval` command is used to see if Pluckeye is blocking or allowing a site.

So you give a command, and Pluckeye replies something like this:

pluck eval pizzahut.com
allow because of rule 113: allow pizzahut.com

Since that is an explicit rule, I know that I can see images there.

pluck eval whitehouse.gov
allow because of rule 189: allow

Since that is the general allow rule, I know that I can reach the site but images are blocked.

pluck eval port 322
block because of rule 248: block 322

That is one of the block rules that is  built into the standard starting rule set.

So `pluck eval ok.com` would tell you how Pluckeye will act for that website.

If you look through the full release notes for versions 0.99+, the various new features are noted.

#22 Re: How do I..? » [SOLVED] A long thread about how the delay works » 2020-06-09 23:22:24

OK, I just read your other posts. Let me give a longer example and we'll see if it is helpful.

Let's pretend I have a 24 hour delay at Level 2. I turn on my computer at 7 AM. At 7:15 I see in my newsfeed a link to a youtube video about XYZ. I'd like to see it. So I issue a command to Pluckeye to allow that specific URL. Pluckeye  begins a 24 hour countdown for that one specific URL. I'll be able to watch that video tomorrow at 7:15. My delay is still 24 hours.

When I check my email at noon, I see that someone has sent me a link to a racy site they have found. I wonder what they think racy means, so I allow that site in Pluckeye. Pluckeye starts a 24 hour countdown for that site. At noon tomorrow I will be able to visit that site. My delay is still 24 hours.

At 3 PM I'm experimenting with Pluckeye and I accidentally block Amazon. Oops. I immediately allow it again. Pluckeye starts a 24 hour countdown so I'll be able to get back into Amazon tomorrow at 3:00. My delay is still 24 hours.

At 4 PM I remember that I want to go back down to Level 1 because I want to run an installer. I give the pluck - system command. Pluckeye starts a countdown so I'll be able to run the installer tomorrow at 4. My delay is still 24 hours.

At 6 PM my conscience asks me about that racy site. I decide I don't want to allow it. I'm not sure what the best way is to stop the allow rule so I hit the abort button.

Pluckeye looks through its rules for anything that is still counting down. When it finds a rule that is still counting down, it throws the rule away. It is as if I newer gave the command.

So if I want to see the XYZ video and use Amazon and get down to Level 1, I have to re-issue all of those commands. This will restart the countdown and in 24 hours Pluckeye will make the changes. My delay is still 24 hours.

So now I'm so frustrated that I want to just get back to square one and start over. So I give the command "pluck set delay 0". Now in 24 hours I won't have a delay. My delay will no longer be 24 hours. I can make changes instantly, get my settings the way I want, and then reset my delay to 24 hours again.

This is how we typically think of a delay in Pluckeye. In another post you spoke of making your delay longer. This is not how most users think of the delay. Perhaps if you give more details on your situation we can give better answers.

#23 Re: How do I..? » Blocking Google Images completely » 2020-06-09 22:48:19

I don't think this is possible until Jon implements wild cards in Pluckeye's URL rules. Pluckeye would have to look for URLs with the "&tbm=isch" string and block them. This is not yet (and may never be?) a feature.

#24 Re: How do I..? » [SOLVED] A long thread about how the delay works » 2020-06-09 22:37:23

Pluck abort deletes all the pending rules. So if you give the

pluck set delay 0

command and then before the delay gets to zero you give the

pluck abort

command, then the command telling Pluckeye to change the delay disappears. Your delay will not change until you issue another set command.

#25 Re: How do I..? » I keep trying to set longer delays in advance? » 2020-06-09 09:28:37

I don't know of a way to extend your normal delay other than if you have a pending rule to have it go to nil, remove all pending rules.

There is a way to have an extra delay for a given type of rule though. Here is the example from the Release Notes:

Delays may now vary not only based on time, but also based on the rule being added or removed. E.g., to specify a 10 minute delay for removal of block rules:

pluck + "delay 10m - block"

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