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#1 2021-08-02 20:24:31

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DNS resolution error on linux and windows; 2nd linux box is fine

System: Windows 10 (1.0.46) and Linux 20.1 (pluckeye 1.0.58)
Browser: Brave and Chromium (both systems)
No new pluckeye updates performed on either system.  No new software installed.  Performed routine system updates on Windows.

Started on Windows around 7/21/2021.  Started on linux 8/2/21.

Receive browser message stating DNS address could not be found.  This occurs in both machines in all browsers.

Sporadically, I will have access to the internet on the Windows machine (2 times since issue started).  Last night, I would go into Pluckeye config, click on System: On to turn it off then uncheck the "Enable" box and I would have access until I restarted.  I would do this as needed to catch up on Windows updates. 

No other programs are able to access anything external the computer unless the random access is available.

Tried the uninstall option per the manual and I receive an "Error 5" not allowed to uninstall message in Windows.

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#2 2021-08-02 22:59:27

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Re: DNS resolution error on linux and windows; 2nd linux box is fine

Hmm.  Might have to do with your configuration.

pluck verdicts

Might also be a conflict with other software, but it would be unusual for that to occur on Linux and Windows.

Can you https://manual.pluckeye.net/sysinspect ?


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